Why practise Pilates with us?

Quality Teaching

Our teaching is of the highest standard and we make sure you are safe, working within your abilities but to your limit in order to gain the optimal benefit from the exercises. We believe in sound technique and rigorous attention to detail. Our Pilates is much more than a series of floor based exercises!

We trained at Pilates Training Solutions, one of the UK’s leading Pilates Schools, and have been taught by the co founders: leading Osteopath Claire Worman and fitness guru and NLP Master, Belinda Buttery.

We believe we have never finished learning and there is always more to learn. We incorporate into our practise the latest medical research and are continually researching Pilates exercises, new developments and teaching methods as well as updating our skills through further training. Examples of recent courses we have attended are Knee Joint and Shoulder Joint workshops run by John Gibbons, renowned Boat Club Osteopath and Sports Coach to the Oxford University Rowing Team.

We are Level 3 Pilates Instructors and on the Register of Exercise Professionals.

‘Hands On’ Teaching in Small Groups

Our teachers do not do the class with you. We move around the room ensuring that the exercises are correctly performed and we use hands-on teaching methods and visualisation techniques to this end. Our classes do not resemble those in a fitness centre environment. They are smaller and calmer. There are no more than 12 in any class and often much fewer.

Enthusiastic and Committed

We inject our love of Pilates into every class we teach so no two classes are the same as we want you to enjoy the diversity of a well constructed Pilates repertoire each time you attend. Even the background music changes with every class.

Optimal Results

We know which exercises are the most effective and we create a diverse and varied programme around the best. Our exercises are taught as multi-layer which means you can opt to do the level of exercise which is just within your ability. We show you the levels of challenge in any exercise and you decide how much you do based on how the exercise feels. We will use our expertise to guide you.

Have Fun

No one should ever be bored or feel that the exercises are not right for them. Pilates is a ‘feel good’ form of exercise. We promote mental and physical wellbeing and therefore we try to get the chemistry right in terms of environment, teaching levels/content and background music. Come and see if you like it!

​Don’t take our word for how it feels to be one of our Clients, check out our Client Feedback!