You can now book sessions in the Broughton Studio to work on our brand new Balanced Body Studio Reformer shipped from California.  Either book a sample session to see if it is for you or buy a block of 5 or 10 sessions which you can use over a six month period whenever you feel the need to have a different type of workout.

If you’ve never seen one, the Pilates Reformer is the number one piece of equipment in any reputable Pilates Studio! It looks like a bed but is far from being one! It is comfortable and supportive but thats where the similarity ends: It has a moving carriage, a set of resistance springs and and ropes which you can use to either provide support  or resistance when you exercise.  By changing the number of springs the Pilates Reformer gives you extra support when you do your personally most challenging exercises or it can be set up to add some resistance when you perform your favourite repertoire!  It is great for rehabilitation after any injury as it allows us to isolates specific  muscles and muscle groups whilst providing just the right amount of resistance to give you improved movement patterns and build strength.

Do contact us to learn how the Reformer can change your body!