Why do Clinical Pilates?

There are many forms of Pilates and many different types of teachers and classes available. We offer the type of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates back in the 1900s for which he was declared well ahead of his time. We have evolved these exercises to be appropriate to the type of Clients we teach today and the different levels of their abilities. We teach Clinical Pilates: our classes are small and our teachers are trained to the highest standards with hands on teaching methods based on a sound understanding of physiology and anatomy.

Pilates is good for all ages and all levels of physical abilities.

Pilates is suitable for Clients suffering from a wide range of conditions including:

  • Lower back pain including disc injury and sciatica
  • Migraine and headaches,
  • Neck pain and shoulder tension
  • Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Spondylosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Burn out, Oncological Issues

And injuries such as:

  • ​Rotator Cuff and Impingement Syndromes
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tennis and Golfers elbow
  • Runner’s Knee
  • Shin Splints
  • Plantar Fasciitis

…this is by no means an exhaustive list!

We run specialist workshops and courses designed for specific medical conditions such as our Back Management Workshops for working with and alleviating back pain, and also for Clients with particular exercise requirements such as Equestrians, Runners and Men.

Move away from pain

​Pilates helps lessen the wear and tear on areas of the body. Within any movement pattern, Pilates ensures muscles are working correctly, in the correct firing order and that they are then strengthened to prevent further wear and tear and potential injury. Research shows that Pilates can assist in securing a rapid recovery where injuries are sustained as well as in preventing the occurrence of injury.

Pilates retrains your body to use the right muscles for the right job. We tend to develop poor movement patterns, reinforced through habit and often a reflection of what we do for a living, how we do it, the way we think and how we experience life. This leads to the overuse of certain muscles and creates muscle imbalances which can ultimately cause us pain and also limits mobility. Pilates spreads the loading of exercise and general movement of the body over more muscle groups rather than concentrating on a painful few! In our classes we use all our muscle groups in the correct way so we can balance the body and move more freely without discomfort.

Improve your posture and your body shape

Research has shown that you can appear to be 6lb slimmer just by standing correctly and using your ‘core muscles’. We all have a genetic body type which we have inherited from our parents and our body shape and condition reflect what is going on in our lives: what we do for a living, our lifestyle and our emotions all shape the way we look and feel. Most of us have an image of the body we would like to have. Pilates gives you the best possible posture, good muscle tone, mobility, flexibility and strength. Learning how to engage your ‘core muscles’ and move with better movement patterns will help you look leaner and appear fitter. And with regular Pilates in your life you will be!

Safe, effective exercises for boosting performance

Our Pilates exercises are designed to be multi layered and tailored to the needs and abilities of the individual. We apply our understanding of anatomy and physiology and exercise science to gear every exercise to a type and level which is appropriate to each Client. Exercises should be effective in producing results, targeting areas specific muscle groups to give you the benefits you deserve. The exercises are executed in standing, lying on the floor, seated, on your side or on all fours. We use the floor for support where we need to and we never overload and overfatigue the body or expect you to exercise beyond your ability. You should just be able to do each and every exercise. It will be challenging but it will be achievable with good technique. Pilates exercises are relatively slow paced and calming.

Great for flexibility, mobility and strength

Pilates builds muscle strength and endurance by working all muscle groups from the deep seated ones to those you can see under your skin. It targets muscles nearest to the skeleton to increase those muscles endurance capabilities and strength. This gives greater stability in movement and makes moving much more effective. It is its ability to work on deep seated muscle groups that really sets Pilates apart as an exercise form.

Good exercise technique is central to our practice.  In each and every exercise we explain its purpose , which muscles need to be used and how the exercise should feel. To this end we continually teach good body alignment, how to engage the deep and superficial core muscles and good breathing techniques.

All well executed exercises are performed with the core muscles engaged and good postural alignment.  This means that the Spine is protected for the duration of the exercise be it stretching, increasing the range of movement or building muscle strength and endurance.

Feel less stressed, relaxed and energised

Pilates is all about moving without tension, it is about moving in a smarter way rather than a harder way. We create an exercise environment which is stress free and relaxing, The classes are carefully choreographed to give the class a smooth flow where you can focus on your mind and body. We have soft background music and guide you through each exercise in an intrusive way which ensures you are getting the most out of our Pilates programme. We want you to feel the challenge of each and every exercise and then to leave feeling mentally and physically refreshed and uplifted.

Have fun!

If you don’t enjoy it you won’t come back! Pilates is about increasing body awareness and retraining the body. To meet your objectives you will need to practise regularly, the more the better! We are breaking old habits and replacing the old with new, better habits. Enjoyment is key! Some Clients have built whole new social lives based on the new friends they met at Pilates, others prefer the quiet opportunity to escape into their own personal space: to completely focus on themselves both mentally and physically.

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