One to Ones and Private Classes

One to Ones

These sessions are more intensive in that they are geared to the needs and abilities of the individual.  They are for those who:

  • are new to Pilates
  • wish to join an existing class for the first time
  • need to refresh their knowledge and technique
  • prefer the privacy  and intensity of these sessions
  • require a personal programme of tailored exercises


Roake Farm, Horsebridge Rd, Broughton, Stockbridge, Hants SO20 8BA

The Pilates Unlimited Studio has mirrors and is designed primarily for One-to-One and Two-to-One sessions.


One person £60 for a one and a half hour session

Two people is £40 each for a one hour forty five minutes

Private Classes

One to Ones £40 per person for one hour session

Two-to-One £30 per person for one hour session

Discounts for block bookings

There are discounts for blocks of lessons booked (3, 6, 9 and 12) . Please ask us and we will email you the details.

One to Ones and Two to Ones can be conducted at other venues, please ask if this is appropriate

Private classes


For 5 people (min*) £15.00 per person per class

For 6 people or more £12.50 per person per class

*For groups of less than 5 people we provide a quote on an individual basis. Costs assume travel within a 20 mile radius of Broughton, Hampshire SO20 8BA


Larger groups can be accommodated. Please ask for details.

PLEASE NOTE: STARTING OUT IN NEWLY INTRODUCED CLASSES If the class is new to our schedule then the first lesson constitutes an Induction so everyone in the class starts out with similar skills.