As two Clients this week have been suffering from back pain, let’s put together a mini set of fundamental exercises which can be incorporated into your daily routine from immediate effect.

Back to Basics:

  1. rebuild your body awareness and reinforce good body alignment, in particular neutral spine and pelvis.
  2. focus on the quality with which you activate the deep stabilising muscles:  the transversus abdominis, pelvic floor, multifidus
  3. revisit good breathing techniques.  Laterally breathing, breathing into the ribcage and allowing the ribcage to expand with each and every breath.

I have chosen 3 exercises to help you to this end:

The Relaxation Position

Add to this lateral breathing, then deep abdominal engagement exercises

Keeping your supine neutral position and engaging your core on an in-breath:

The Compass. Neutral to North to South, South to Neutral

Imagine there is a large compass your lower abdominal area.  North is at the naval end and South is on your pubic bone. On an out-breath, slowly tip your tailbone way from you , rolling your pubic bone up towards your face, pressing your lower spine vertebra by vertebra into the floor until you have gently flattened your lumber spine into the floor.  Breathe in and on your out-breath  roll your pubic bone away until the lumber spine has peeled off the floor bone by bone until the lumber area is slightly over arched.  ( Be careful here, make sure you have your pelvic floor lifted and abdominal muscles drawn in throughout). Breathe in and then breathe out until you are in your neutral spine position again. Repeat 6 times.

A Series of Pelvic Stability Exercises:

Ensuring good set up:

Leg Slides                     6 on each leg

Slide the heel away and without releasing the leg into the floor, draw back the foot using the deep core muscles.  Only your leg is moving.  Core is hollowing, back in neutral

Single Knee Folds   6 on each side , then 6 alternating each leg

Keep the legs relaxed and soft prior to movement.  Breathe out and float the right leg until the upper leg bone is perpendicular too the floor, shin parallel to ceiling.  Knee is above hip.  The angle behind the knee is 90 degrees, don’t let the angle close down as you float the leg. Allow the upper leg bone to sink back down towards the mat into the hip socket i.e. don’t hold tension in your hip flexor muscles, gripping with the muscles around your hip socket. On an out-breath, replace your foot back on the floor, in a reverse of the arc with which you floated your leg into the knee fold. As your foot moves away from you  and as it nears the floor you will feel your lower abdominals engage as they stabilise the pelvis and prevent it from moving.

Leg Turn Outs     6 on each side

Go into the knee fold as above.  Turn the leg out from the hip, bringing the foot to touch the other knee, if possible.  Keep the pelvis still and headlights in the hips beaming on the ceiling..  Reverse the movement and replace the foot on the floor.  Keep the body symmetrical throughout and keep the upper body tension free throughout.

Good Luck and let me know how you progress!