This weekend  Clare completes her training in High Intensity Power Pilates with the well known Pilates guru Lisa Bradshaw in the Lisa B Training Academy.

Pilates is well known as a low impact way of building strength, flexibility and mobility and it not always thought of as a way of raising your heart rate.  Although the more advanced the exercise, the more likely it is to have marked cardiovascular benefits, that is raising your heart rate and making you fell warm if not plain hot and sweaty!  Exercises like the Plank, Squats and Lunges, fundamentals in the Pilates repertoire, immediately spring to mind when we think of Pilates exercises which raise the heart rate.

We will be launching new 50 minute classes because 50 minutes is generally sufficient for most mortals! We will be also adding bursts of HIP Pilates into other classes in order to ensure our clients reap the functional rewards this type of Pilates offers.  Keep looking at this website for details.