Client Feedback

Clare Bates is a wonderful Pilates instructor.
She finds ways to explain a pose or a movement that make it easy to understand. She makes the classes fun and relaxing but at the end you know you have had a thorough workout. You feel 2 inches taller and much, much slimmer.

Sally Wesley

Clare lets you choose a level within each exercise so you are never in danger of hurting yourself. She is an excellent teacher, injecting humour and using clever similes to help visualise the exercises. I always leave the class feeling stretched and more supple and upright.

Annabel Gunter

Lovely class today Clare, D and I really enjoyed it and feel we are finally in safe hands. Looking forward to next week

Dagan and Jess

Clare Bates’ classes are the most rewarding I have attended over some years. I feel at last that I am beginning to master the complexities of Pilates and can feel the benefits in my core strength and fitness generally.

Rosalind Edmunds

We have had so much benefit from Clare’s Pilates classes – she’s a great teacher, making it fun as well as ensuring that we do things right.  We honestly never expected to have a good laugh at Pilates, but this is what Clare brings to our classes as well as real expertise in her teaching.  The classes are also very varied so we feel that different areas are stretched and exercised each time.

Sue Fowler and Douglas Cooper

Excellent teaching with just the right mix of seriousness and humour to get that feel-good factor by the end of the lesson.

Susie Sorby

I have done a term with Clare at one of her Pilates classes and have found it to be excellent in all respects.   The first class quality of her teaching includes care for each individual with respect to their individual needs.   I feel that I have had a very complete workout at the end of a class which is extremely beneficial to my general core strength and well being.   Clare tailors the exercises to each persons level.

Fiona Obert de Thieusies

I haven’t looked back since I enrolled: My Physio says I am “ in the best shape “ she has seen me in. Pilates is a crucial component in my continuing  good health.
Clare knows her clients and their bodies. She tailors programmes to their needs and is an excellently consistent teacher, concerned with the advancement of her pupils’ progress.

Penelope Chermside-Sergison

Clare’s Pilates classes are really good. Varied, challenging yet safe, fun but businesslike.
She does these classes for us, her clients (not for herself as some instructors do) and is always checking on our position and breathing and demonstrating by doing them herself. I look forward to them and the music!

Phillida Goad

Many years ago I regularly attended a Pilates class, then went back to running, swimming, children, life.  I’m now 50, cannot jog anymore due to injury and by chance attended Clare’s workshop for runners to support my husband.  The workshop was delivered specifically for runners and I was hooked. The following weeks I restarted Pilates but with Clare.

Each class is pitched perfectly for those attending, demonstrated clearly with explanations and is easy to follow which means I gain the most benefit for my body and its various limitations.  We always have choices for each movement and if I need adjusting (which is usually) to perform techniques correctly Clare’s approach is gentle, specific, delivered with understanding, and wonderful, appropriate humour.  The tone of each class is welcoming, warm and very comfortable.

My body is far more flexible that it was 6 months ago.   I have noticed a greater range of movement in many joints, stronger core, better posture and I have triceps that now work.

Every single class is not only great for my physical body but my mental body too!

Tanya Burgess

Clare Bates is a good instructor who helps me (being new to Pilates) to visualise what I should be doing.  She is understanding and careful with any physical issues, always giving an alternative exercise if one is not suitable.  A lovely person and a great teacher.

Sarah Steedman

I have now been taught by Clare for nearly a year and I have been extremely happy with the classes. I feel more fit than I used to and I have felt the benefits in my back and shoulder, both of which used to hurt regularly. When I became pregnant, Clare adapted the classes to suit my needs without forgetting those of the other ladies. Therefore I have been recommending Clare’s classes to my friends.

Marie White

You are definitely the best Pilates teacher I have ever had.

Frances Barber

I very much enjoy the classes and feel that I am getting a real benefit from them.  I find it hard to do the exercises, engage the core muscles and breathe correctly all at the same time!  I think you are a very good teacher and with your help I am sure I will get better at it.

Jean Watts

Excellent.  I find your Pilates Classes very constructive.

Alastair Stobart

I have been going to Clare Bates’ Pilates classes for several years and would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of starting.  Clare is always cheerful and upbeat and takes an interest in all her students.  The exercises are varied and sometimes make use of equipment.  Every week is different, which keeps the classes interesting, as well as relaxed and fun.

Jaqueta White

Testimonial for a One-to-One from a long standing Client:

It was really informative and it’s given me a lot to think about. You are a special lady.

Ally Taylor