Welcome to Pilates Unlimited
Pilates Classes in Hampshire and Wiltshire

Who are we?

Clare Bates, Pilates UnlimitedPilates Unlimited is run by Clare Bates, a Level 3 Clinical Pilates Instructor, who trained at Pilates Training Solutions, a leading specialist Pilates Training School in the UK.  She is a YMCA (previously CYQ) Awards Level 3 Pilates Teacher and is on the Register of Exercise Professionals. Clare is a highly experienced, approachable teacher who teaches regular weekly Pilates classes, one to one sessions, small private groups, workshops and retreats. Our Pilates is suitable for all levels of fitness, all ages and our Clients are both men and women.

We believe that Pilates is highly effective if taught well to interested Clients.  We want our Clients to reap results at each and every session so we take our knowledge of the human body and exercise science and we add our training in developing Pilates exercises to create a physically demanding, mentally relaxing and uplifting exercise session.  We aim to create body awareness, improve posture, improve your muscle balance, tone and strength and make it a ‘feel good’ experience.

Small Group Classes in Hampshire and Wiltshire

We run small group classes in public venues across Hampshire and Wiltshire each week. Look at our Classes Schedule to see if there is a class near you.

Alternatively consider having a private session for either just yourself or create your own Small Private Group for you, your friends and family.  These can be in a venue and at a time to suit you.

One to Ones

Check out our One to Ones to see if that would suit you better.  We offer discounts if you book and pay for a block of One to Ones. Do contact us if you feel this approach is best for you.

Need a refresher or starting out?

If you have never done Pilates before or if you do but would like some fresh input, a One to One session could breathe new life into your technique and be a great way to revise your exercise goals.

Quality of teaching and results focussed

There is a myriad of different type of ‘Pilates’ as indeed there are types and personalities of teachers.  We teach Clinical Pilates which means we take it seriously because we want results.

We want you to look forward to your exercise classes so we make sure our classes are friendly and fun.  They are not competitive. You should leave refreshed, feeling taller, more stretched and more able to enjoy your day.  You should feel you have worked hard but not beyond your abilities.  You should feel that those abilities grow and you are stronger, more flexible and mobile and with a greater sense of wellbeing for spending time with us.

Interested? Do get in touch…